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“ Boosted our Scholarship Applications by 600% ”
Posted 2021-04-30
Scholars App has a large segment of active scholarship applicants in its ecosystem, which provides greater awareness of our scholarship. I also like their outreach campaigns, which are at times tailored to our applicant demographic.
A bit more email reporting functionality would be great, but it`s not a dealbraker.
A superb solution for Corporate Scholarship Providers like us. We are quite impressed how many more scholarship applicants we received this year, as opposed to last year, where we did outreach efforts in-house.
“ Scholars App is Great! ”
Posted 2021-07-04
Scholars App has been a great platform to help us not only increase our number of applications received, but also allow us to easily review, rate and process all of the submissions. It enabled our nonprofit organization to be much more efficient in managing the scholarship process.
No major cons. When issues came up they were addressed promptly.
My overall experience with this software has been great. I highly recommend it for other ogranizations looking to improve their scholarship respose rates.

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five stars rating
So many available scholarships catered for you
I have been able to access so many scholarships because of this website! I love using it
Apr 27, 2021
five stars rating
Amazing Website
Amazing Website, so many scholarship opportunities and it is so easy to use. I love it and realy recommend it for anyone looking for scholarship opportunity.
May 12, 2021
five stars rating
Great Website for smaller applicant scholarships!
They connected me to a lot of unknown scholarships! It helped me access  a lot of others scholarships other big websites coudn`t. The set up is great and you can choose which scholarships to keep in your feed and which to discard. Thank you Scholars App!
Apr 07, 2021
five stars rating
Scholarships are super hard to find
Scholarships are super hard to find. As a high school senior, I have always heard ”there are tons of scholarships out there!”
And after my initial scholarship
searches in my junior and senior year, I thought that this was false. There ARE tons of scholarships out there but they rarely ever reach a good amount of students because we can`t find them!
Nov 15, 2021

What is Scholar's App?

Scholar's App is a trusted and verified online platform that streamlines the scholarship application process for students, school counselors, and scholarship providers.
To learn more about Scholar's App and how it can multiply your qualified applications, schedule a call with us.
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Scholar's App has been a great platform to help us not only increase our number of applications received, but also allow us to easily review, rate and process all of the submissions. I highly recommend them for other organizations looking to improve their scholarship response rates.
— David L.
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